Solidity, Sustainability & ReFI.

Angela Taylor LLC focuses on the development of websites, Android apps, and BlockChain dApps. Message us to see how we can help you and your company benefit from decentralized apps and new technologies.

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Smart Contract Developer

Development and maintainance of self-executable contracts in a blockchain environment.

Android Developer

Software and applications for Android devices and the Google Play Store.

React Developer

JavaScript-based applications for web or mobile environments

Looking for a developer to create NFT tools trusted by the world's largest NFT collection creators?

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The Little Urban Farm is creating a QR code for people to share the progress of their garden development. This will be used for teachers and schools to guide students on learning science.

Launch date: May 2023


Able to Regenerate CO., LTD is a company based in Thailand that is creating a greenhouse crypto project where the liquidity comes from the harvest of the produce.

Launch date: November 2023


Magical U is a game that builds emotional intelligence. Now, people can donate NFTs for Magical U to support emotional intelligence development in NGO's and orphanages.

Launch date: August 2023

Hello, I am Angela Taylor

I am a software developer for mobile and web-based applications. I specialize in Blockchain, Android, and front-end development. In my most recent previous position I worked as an avionics test and integration engineer at Spaceflight, Inc.